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Ecstasy, also known as MMDA, is a synthetic and psychoactive drug which is chemically similar with a stimulant called as methamphetamine. People who use ecstasy experience a significant increase in their body energy, emotional warmth, euphoria and distortions in their time perception. For a very few individuals this drug is not addictive but most users reported that they have become addicted to it after their first try.

Generally, ecstasy is consumed as a tablet or a capsule. The intake of it was started by Caucasian teenagers and young adults. They have been using it during their weekend-long dance parties. Nowadays, ecstasy is popular to a wider range of ethnic groups. Moreover, some users of this drug are also users of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and other addictive substances. Statistical studies reported that many American teenagers and young adults are also addicted to this drug. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that there are 503,000 Americans with the age of 12 and above have already been addicted to ecstasy in 2007 and this number is continuously growing.

People who are addicted to ecstasy are facing tremendous problems because of both short-term and long term effects of it to their bodies. The federal Drug Enforcement Agency, together with the National Institute on Drug abuse, stated that people who take ecstasy will immediately experience dangerous short-term effects after taking the drug. These short-term effects are dehydration, increased blood pressure and heart rate, teeth grinding, depression, confusion and sleep problems. On the other hand, the long-term effects to addicted users are drug carving, paranoia, severe anxiety, impaired function of the of serotonin and damage to the nerve endings of the brain. These short-term and long-term effects are enough to damage the mental, physical and psychological health of addicted users.

Given the dangerous effects of ecstasy to one’s health, it is necessary for users to undergo in an ecstasy addiction treatment. Treatment Partners of America is one of the most trusted treatment and rehabilitation centers in America. Through the comprehensive addiction and dual diagnosis treatment that Treatment Partners of America can provide, ecstasy users will be free from their addiction.

The ecstasy addiction treatment that patients will be able to get in Treatment Partners of America is particularly designed to help them conquer their addiction through step-by-step procedures. These step-by-step procedures are meant to slowly make their bodies free from ecstasy. Getting rid of it in just one blow will make further deterioration to the mental, physical and psychological health of patients so a slow but safe procedure is recommended. Aside from ecstasy addiction treatment, patients can also choose to be rehabilitated inside their facilities. Patients will surely love the facilities because they are all designed to ensure that they will still be able to live in a comfortable environment while they are receiving ecstasy addiction treatment.

Hence, ecstasy addiction is something that should not be neglected. If you are addicted to ecstasy then you should now that it can you put you in an extremely dangerous situation so go to Treatment Partners of America now for you to get the best treatment for your addiction.