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Heroin, also known as diamorphine, is a synthesized and strong opioid-based pain medication that is derived from morphine. Generally, heroin is in the form of a brown or white powder, or in the case of “black tar heroin”, a black sticky substance. Every year, millions of Americans end up using this harmful drug at some point in their lives and more than 20% of them become dependent on this drug.

These people inhale, inject or smoke heroin in order to consume the drug. Regardless of how it is consumed, the drug is delivered to the brain almost instantly, which is the reason it is so addictive and poses many health risks. When users inject it intravenously, they reportedly experience a “rush,” which is a burst of euphoria. However, their mouth also becomes dry, their extremities feel heavier, their mental functioning becomes clouded, and the skin gets flushed. Following the initial “rush,” users end up in a state of both drowsiness and wakefulness. While the “rush” is not as instant if heroin is consumed by other means, the other effects remain the same.

There are numerous health conditions that can occur as a result of heroin abuse. These include fatal overdose, infectious diseases like AIDS/HIV and hepatitis, and spontaneous abortion. Chronic users of heroin may also end up suffering from abscesses, cardiac infection, collapsed veins, constipation, gastrointestinal cramping, and kidney and/or liver disease. Heroin abuse also affects the user’s breathing, which can lead to pulmonary complications.

While this drug itself is harmful, heroin purchased off the streets often contain toxic additives and/or contaminants that are capable of permanently damaging vital organs by clogging blood vessels that lead to them. Ultimately, those who use heroin chronically also become dependent on the drug, and tend to experience severe withdrawal symptoms if they have not consumed the drug for a prolonged period of time.

For many of these heroin users, the road to addiction treatment begins after they are admitted to a hospital, whether as a result of an overdose or withdrawal symptoms. Treatment Partners of America understand that the root cause of heroin abuse is unaddressed emotions, life experiences and perceptions, which are never tackled due to anxiety and fear. At Treatment Partners of America’s reliable rehabilitation and treatment centers, people suffering from heroin addiction will receive the support they direly need in order to reclaim their life.

Not only does Treatment Partners of America’s treatment team understand the symptoms of substance abuse, they also address the entire substance abuse history of a patient. Their heroin abuse treatment team will delve deep into the root causes and conditions of the addiction. As a result, any eating disorders and/or psychiatric conditions that the patient might be suffering from are also identified. Even other addictive behavior patterns that are entangled with long-term heroin dependence are uncovered.

At Treatment Partners of America, the heroin addiction treatment team will work with you. Comprehensive and individualized approaches will be used to help you learn to deal with your emotions and have the necessary means of recovering from your heroine dependency. So, if you are suffering from heroin addiction, seek help now.