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Methamphetamine is a strong central nervous system stimulant that works directly on the brain & spinal cord by interfering with the normal function of neurotransmitters. Methamphetamine is often referred to as meth, chalk or speed. The smoked form is usually called crystal meth, ice, glass or crank. It is a bitter-tasting, white, odorless crystalline powder that easily dissolves in alcohol or water. Methamphetamine is produced from the parent drug, amphetamine, and was firstly used in bronchial inhalers and nasal decongestants. Just like the amphetamine drug, it leads to increased activity, a sense of well-being and decreased appetite. The effects of this drug may continue for 6 to 8 hours. Following the first “rush”, there’s typically a state of strong agitation, which in some individuals may result in aggressive behavior.

The smokeable form of methamphetamine, ice, widely came to use in the 1980s. Ice is a big, generally clear crystal of extreme purity that is usually smoked in a glass pipe.
Abuse of Methamphetamine has various toxic effects on one’s body and its binge & crash qualities provide it a high misuse propensity. The strong release of the ‘feel good’ mind chemical dopamine that is produced by methamphetamine is believed to contribute to this drug’s harmful brain effects. High doses may increase the body’s temperature to unsafe, sometimes lethal levels, as well as lead to seizures.

It is obviously imperative that the Methamphetamine addiction treatment occurs in a rehab facility that is properly equipped to handle the possible psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms that arrive with its discontinued use. Treatment Partners of America is one of the best addiction facilities of its kind. Meth rehab programs help the patient address the problems that fueled the addiction, re-regulate the brain’s chemistry, prevent any cross addictions and teach the addicted individual healthier coping skills.
Methamphetamine addiction treatment is extremely complex and has to be individualized for each and every patient. There isn’t any available pharmaceutical intervention for this addiction, but the NIDA reports the cognitive behavioral intervention, which are designed to help individuals modify their behaviors, thinking, and expectation in order to enhance coping skills, as the most efficient and effective Methamphetamine addiction treatment.

Moreover, mental health disorders may also occur in Methamphetamine abusers, which makes the treatment regimen even more complicated and complex than originally so. For example, abusers
of Methamphetamine are often times misdiagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia. Antidepressant drugs are often helpful in moderating the depressive symptoms in recently abstinent users. It is up to the treatment providers to determine if the mental health abnormalities are due to the drugs or not, and the duration/severity of any mental health requirements. Furthermore, it isn’t rare for methamphetamine users to possess an extremely poor health status.
Treatment Partners of America is one of the most comprehensive dual diagnosis and addiction facility of its kind. Instead of just focusing on the addiction, our skilled professionals initially focus on discovering the core issues that lead to the addiction, and then take care of the addiction itself. Treatment Partners of America has specialists that will help treat your addiction long-term.