Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

If you’ve ever watched the TV shows Monk or The Big Bang Theory, you could probably recognize the obsessive compulsive disorder behaviors in the show’s main characters. Monk, with his hesitancy to touch anything, and Sheldon Cooper, with his constant need to knock three times, are classic examples of what can happen when an individual has some level of OCD behavior. While it might be humorous or entertaining for a TV show, in real life OCD can make even daily tasks a struggle.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is defined as excessive thoughts that lead to compulsive actions. These are actions that an individual simply can’t control, and it can cause a wide variety of symptoms from needing to knock three times, having pens all in a perfect line, or even germophobia. Each person will have their own unique set of thoughts, compulsions, and resulting actions.

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While there is no cure for OCD, it is a condition that can be managed with treatment. A variety of counseling and medications may be necessary to best treat the symptoms of OCD, but it can be done so that you can better enjoy life.

Treatment Partners of America is an inpatient facility that treats a wide variety of conditions, including OCD treatment. With one-on-one counseling available for patients five days a week and other therapy opportunities that are unique to our location, we make sure to customize treatment for each patient’s needs. Our professional staff are compassionate and caring in all they do and work to help you get better during your stay. Contact Treatment Partners of America in Boca Raton for more information about our treatment services.