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Since the the release of opiates in the United States to help treat acute pain from surgery or other injury, there have been more than 200,000 documented cases of opiate addiction per year. Even the government is calling the overuse, over prescription, and regular overdoses from opiate drugs a national epidemic.

If you suffer from an opiate addiction, ranging from oxycodone to tramadol, then get the help that you need. You don’t need to continue to suffer and risk your life by regularly taking prescription painkillers. And it doesn’t matter how or why you started taking prescription painkillers in the first place. The only thing that matters to us here at Treatment Partners of America is that you get the help that you need.

Treating Opiate Addiction the Right Way

While it may seem easier to simply not address your addiction, continuing to abuse prescription drugs can continue to put you at a risk for overdose, not to mention the many negative side effects from the drugs. Going cold turkey off of any drug is also not a good idea, as it lowers your long-term success rate for staying off of the drug. Utilizing trained professionals who have a variety of helpful treatment methods for you is the best option available. For opiate addiction, withdrawal can be treated with a variety of short-term medications under close supervision of a medical professional.

In addition to physically removing the drug from your system, individuals suffering from opiate addiction also tend to do well at inpatient treatment facilities and group or individual therapy sessions in order to gain the best possible outcome.

You don’t have to keep seeing your work or relationships suffer because you find yourself addicted to opiate painkillers. At Treatment Partners of America, you will receive professional and compassionate care in order to help you break free of your addiction. Contact the professionals at Treatment Partners of America in Boca Raton to get started.