Panic Disorders

Closely associated with many different addictions and substance abuse, panic disorders are often difficult, underlying conditions that cause or amplify addiction. Panic disorders, or more commonly known as panic attacks, are intense bouts of anxiety induced periods of intense fear, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, shaking, or a variety of other symptoms that cause intense emotional and physical distress.

Panic disorders can be crippling both emotionally and physically, and make it hard to perform everyday tasks, such as work or even going to the grocery store. They further enable addictions because the “high” that addictions can provide help an individual to feel better, and reduce the symptoms of panic disorders. Addiction stimulates the pleasure regions of the brain and helps a person to feel good. This not only helps change how a person regularly feels, but could also be a way for an individual to avoid dealing with their panic disorder due to the fact that this stimulation may reduce the intensity or number of occurrences. On the flipside, drug abuse could even make panic disorder symptoms worse in some individuals because of the chemical changes occurring in the brain.

Anxiety disorder treatments can take many forms. Two of the most common treatment options are cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, and medications, such as antidepressants and antianxiety pills. It’s important to work closely with a medical professional in order to figure out what triggers bouts of anxiety and panic, and also to figure out the right treatment plan for your needs.

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The most difficult aspect of panic disorders to address is the fear of them reoccurring. Because they can come on anywhere, there may be avoidance of where a panic attack occurred or similar situations that remind an individual of a panic inducing memory. This fear of having a panic attack at any time because it has happened in the past can quickly begin to dictate your life choices.

Here at Treatment Partners of America, we focus on treating the underlying causes of addiction and helping you to live a healthy, more fulfilling life addiction free. While you will always face challenges in your life, with the help of our one-on-one counseling five days a week and various treatment options, we can help you get to where you want to be. Contact us now to learn more about treatment options for panic disorders associated with addiction. Call today!